Conflict Minerals Software Solution

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SupplierSoft provides a comprehensive out-of-box Conflict Minerals Management solution that enables companies to comply with Conflict Minerals Reporting requirement as per  Section 1502  of the Dodd-Frank Act. It helps companies collect, validate and analyze the Conflict Minerals information from their suppliers. In addition to software, SupplierSoft provides turnkey offering where we can provide end-to-end solution and take this off your plate.

The software provides the comprehensive platform for 5 step risk based OECD Due Diligence Guidance. The key capabilities of the Conflict Minerals solution include:

  • End-To-End Turnkey Offering: In addition to the software, SupplierSoft provides end-to-end turnkey solution where we reach out to your suppliers on your behalf and work with them - including help your suppliers fill out CMRT properly, follow-up with non-responsive suppliers and help them resolve any issues with their CMRTs. We also provide services to help you file your Form SD/Conflict Mineral Report (CMR).
  • Configurability for managing constant change: While the solution is out-of-box, it provides unsurpassed configurability for managing the inevitable change due to changing regulations, customer needs, program evolution and supplier maturity.
  • Implement in Days: The out-of-box Conflict Minerals software is ready to go - no IT involvement required! All you need is a list of suppliers and their contacts which can be loaded using spreadsheets.
  • Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) support: The software solution supports and automatically loads data from the industry standard CMRT template defined by the the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI/CFSI).  It does NOT require suppliers to register on a website, go through training and fill out a custom web form - making it easier for suppliers to provide the data. This increases the likelihood of getting the data from suppliers.
  • Automated and Configurable CMRT Validations: The software solution ensures that all mandatory questions in the CMRT are answered - but that is just the starting point. The spreadsheet response is automatically validated against a rigorous set of validation rules to ensure logical consistency. For example, if a supplier declares they have no Tungsten in their products,they are not allowed to specify any Tungsten smelters. It also validates the data against your RMI/CFSI Membership. Finally, but not the least, the CMRT analysis rules can be configured using point-and-click technology.
  • Audit key

  • Leverage your RMI/CFSI Membership: The software automatically leverages your RMI/CFSI membership. It seamlessly validates the supplier CMRT against data available to you via your membership such as Smelter Database, Smelter RCOI and Smelter Aliases (vlookup) - so that you don't have to do any off-line validation and reporting
  • Risk Management: The solution allows you to configure supplier and smelter risk. With a easy to use wizard, you can send an email to all suppliers reporting high risk smelters, pin-pointing the specific smelters they reported in their CMRT.
  • Survey Response Management: The software solution tracks which suppliers
    have responded, and which supplier responses are past due. Expiration driven reminders ensure that suppliers respond to the survey before the due date.
  • Automated Survey Refresh: As inevitable suppliers change and your supplier's suppliers change occur, the software can be configured to refresh the data at your chosen frequency (e.g annually or twice a year).
  • Outbound CMRT Creation: With a easy to use wizard, you can effortlessly create your Company level, product category level or product specific CMRT for your customers, including smelter roll-up. By keeping inbound supplier data validated and smelters de-duplicated, the outbound CMRT is fully validated and accurate.
  • Out-of-Box and Configurable Dashboards and Reports: Out-of-Box Dashboards and Reports enable you to analyze supplier responses - for individual metals and supplier conflict mineral policies. Additional dashboards and reports can be created using drag-and-drop reporting capabilities.
  • Mass Email and Outlook/Notes Integration : Mass
    communications can be sent through the system, keeping an audit
    trail of all communication. Outlook/Notes integration ensures that contacts,
    calendar, tasks and e-mails stay synchronized, enabling you to track all
    critical communication in one place.
  • Integrated Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA): Integration with the CAPA software module ensures that any issues that require corrective and preventive actions are tracked and monitored to closure, enabling key steps in the OECD Due Diligence Guidance.
  • Integrated Supplier Audits: Integration with the Audit module ensures that any on-site or third party auditor findings are integrated into Conflict Mineral Management. 
  • Ease of use: A Web 2.0 user interface eases user adoption.
  • On-Demand: Web based subscription service with no software to install.

"Best Conflict Minerals Software we have seen"
            - Multiple Fortune 500 Customers and Prospects