Supplier Qualification and Information

Business Challenge     Key Features      Business Benefits

SupplierSoft Supplier Qualification and Information Management (SQM/SIM) solution delivers the following benefits:

  • Improved compliance: Accurate certification and capabilities information ensures that yours suppliers are compliant with your requirements.
  • Productivity gains: Elimination of manual processes and 360 degree visibility into supplier information improves productivity.
  • Reduce supplier risk: Accurate and centrally available qualification information with rich analysis capabilities reduces supplier risk.
  • Improve supplier quality: Automated processes and reporting highlight deficiencies in supply base relating to quality management, enabling improvement of supplier quality.
  • Reduce lead times and inventory: Implementation of supplier initiatives that require working with hundreds of suppliers - such as lean initiatives, quality improvement initiatives, RFID, bar coding and labeling initiatives enables agile supply chains with reduced lead times.
  • Market supplier compliance management as a differentiator: As companies compete in a global environment, supplier management is increasing becoming a competitive differentiator.