SupplierSoft Presents it's Sustainability Solutions at Dreamforce 2010

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Event: Dreamforce 2010, San Franscisco

Location: Salesforce Campground at the Expo

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Date/Time: Dec 6 (6pm), Dec 7 (3pm), Dec 8 (2pm), Dec 9 (10am)

TopicSustainability Solutions For Supplier Management

Abstract:  As outsourcing increases, companies are ever more dependent on their suppliers to ensure compliance to sustainability, environmental, health and safety issues. Increasingly, companies are adopting Corporate Social Responsibility principles that tackle issues such as sustainability, GHG emissions, packaging of products and most recently conflict minerals from Africa. These initiatives are placing increasing demand on supplier collaboration and supplier risk assessment.

Despite these changes, companies still use manual processes such as paper, e-mail, spreadsheets and word documents to collaborate with suppliers. As per a recent Aberdeen survey, 75% of supplier interaction still happens manually.

Learn how SupplierSoft solutions can help you collaborate with suppliers on following sample issues:

• Collect supplier certifications such as ISO 9001/14001 and OSHAS 18001.
• Survey suppliers through on-line questionnaires
• Collect part and chemical level compliance (RoHS/REACH) information.
• Manage supplier audits
• Manage supplier corrective action
• Ensure information stays accurate through expiration driven reminders
• Provide real time visibility through dashboards and reports.

Besides improving productivity, SupplierSoft help companies reduce compliance risk, improve supplier quality and help companies market EHS as a differentiator.